What is SEI? CMM? CMMI?

Solution :

  • SEI = ‘Software Engineering Institute‘ at Carnegie-Mellon University; initiated by the U.S. Defense Department to help improve software development processes.
  • CMM = ‘Capability Maturity Model‘, now called the CMMI (‘Capability  Maturity Model Integration‘), developed by the SEI. It’s a model of 5 levels of process ‘maturity’ that determine effectiveness in delivering quality software.
  • Level 1 – characterized by chaos, periodic panics, and heroic   efforts required by individuals to successfully  complete projects.  Few if any processes in place;  successes may not be repeatable.
  • Level 2 – software project tracking, requirements management,realistic planning, and configuration management processes are in place; successful practices can be repeated.
  • Level 3 – standard software development and maintenance processes  are integrated throughout an organization; a Software Engineering Process Group is is in place to oversee  software processes, and training programs are used to ensure understanding and compliance.
  • Level 4 – metrics are used to track productivity, processes, and products.  Project performance is predictable, and quality is consistently high.
  • Level 5 – the focus is on continuous process improvement. The  impact of new processes and technologies can be  predicted and effectively implemented when required.

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