What are the main attributes of test automation?

The main attributes are discussed below:

Maintainability: For each new release need to update the test automation suites.
Reliability: Accuracy and repeatability of the test automation.
Flexibility: Ease of working with all the different kinds of automation test ware.
Efficiency: Total cost related to the effort needed for the automation.
Portability: Ability of the automated test to run on different environments.
Robustness: Effectiveness of automation on an unstable or rapidly changing system.
Usability: Extent to which automation can be used by different types of user.

What is good code?

  • A good code is code that works.
  • The good code must not contain the defect or bug and is readable by other developers and easily maintainable.
  • Organizations have coding standards all developers should follow, and also every programmer and software engineer has different ideas about what is best and what are too many or too few rules.
  • We need to keep in mind that excessive use of rules can decrease both productivity and creativity.
  • Peer reviews and code analysis tools can be used to check for problems and enforce standards.

How do you perform integration testing?

  • Integration Testing is black box testing.
  • Integration testing focuses on the interfaces between units, to make sure the units work together.
  • For integration testing we ensure that all units testing of the each component is performed earlier. Integration testing begins only after the unit testing.
  • The purpose of integration testing is to ensure different components of the application interact with each other.
  • So that, components work as per the customer requirements.
  • Test cases are developed with the purpose of exercising the interfaces between the components.
    Integration testing is considered complete, when actual results and expected results are same.

You are a tester. Now How will you choose which defect to remove in 1000000 defects?

First thing testers are not responsible for fixing the bug they are only responsible for debugging the bug and prioritizing those bugs. These bugs are now reported in bug report template with the severity and priority of the bug. Tester assigns severity level to the defects depending upon their impact on other parts of application. Every bug has its severity and priority values assign by tester. If a defect does not allow you to go ahead and test the product, it is critical one so it has to be fixed as soon as possible. We have 5 levels as:

  • Critical
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Cosmetic

Can you perform regression testing performed manually?

Yes we can perform regression testing manually, but it requires lots of effort. To choose the way of doing the regression testing is totally depends on the initial testing approach. If the initial testing approach was manual testing, then the regression testing is usually performed manually. In case, if the initial testing approach was automated testing, then the regression testing is usually performed by automated testing. Automated regression testing is very easy task.